Credits & Awards.

Cinematography awards for these programmes come from the Emmy's, Wildscreen, Jackson Hole, Missoula, the Japanese Wildlife film Festival, Telenatura and others. Other awards include the Grand Prix from the major Wildlife Festivals of Jackson Hole and Wildscreen. For more information click on the titles below.


Credits on programmes include BBC series 'Life on Earth', 'Living Planet', 'World About Us', 'Wildlife on One' - eg 'The Water Walkers', 'Horizon', 'QED'. Also worked on a number of programmes for Survival Anglia, 'They Walk on Water', 'Short Hectic Life', '24 Hours in Deepest Dulwich'. Worked for London Weekend TV 'City Safari', 'Concrete and Clay' and BBC 'Backyard Safari' and 'Seaside Safari', Channel 4 - 'The Amateur Naturalist' with Gerald Durrell, Partridge Films and for the American Stations WNET & WGBH.

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